Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Action shot from the 2015 Manchester International Taekwondo Grand PrixPhoto through Dean

Action shot from the 2015 Manchester International Taekwondo Grand PrixPhoto through Dean
          When Taekwondo changed into time-honored for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Video games, the martial artwork might see a persistent evolving into every other category of an Olympic sport. The popularity might ultimately grow into a global phenomenon where an untold quantity of practitioners might circulate closer to the hopes and dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.
The world Taekwondo Federation (WTF) might proportion this hope and dream by means of explaining: “Its universality method that each one taekwondo athletes can dream of an Olympic medal and feature a actual risk of bringing home their first ever Olympic medal for their international locations.”

Maximum currently, many throughout social media avenues are asking the question: “How do you get to the Olympics without funding?” For the ones practitioners who are fortunate enough to have the economic backing to train and tour to compete in grade ranking tournaments, they most often have the economic means on the way to compete at the Olympics degree. But what approximately folks who won't have the finances had to continually compete in tournaments throughout the united states of america or even more so, the capacity to reach the Olympics competition?
The priority and frustration is referred to in various statements cited for the duration of social media retailers:
“With the Grand Prix circuit and G1 to G4 competitions all counting toward ranking points, how do non-funded nations and players realistically get to the Video games? If you have a look at podium finishes and budgets of teams, you will see that groups with larger budgets and assets continuously area better.”
“The Grand Prix does no longer have the great 32 players within the International consistent with class. It has the players which can come up with the money for to go. Continental qualification is the simplest route for lots However you continue to need G1 enjoy to be a realistic contender. There are some high-quality players trying to interrupt thru However talent with out a financial institution function goes to get you nowhere. Taekwondo is now not a game for the loads However sport for the wealthy.”
“Taekwondo or as a minimum the international elite in overall performance element is a financial deal. There are competition that without a doubt can not manage to pay for to even take part in more than 1-2-three G1 tournaments consistent with yr that might obliterate some of the so known as "contenders" in Grand Prix competitions.”
With reputedly unsurpassable odds, how does a Taekwondo athlete without a so-referred to as “financial institution role” reach their dream of Olympic competition? for many, all of it comes right down to the Taekwondo principle of Indomitable Spirit. Working example: Jackie Galloway, a scholar of Chang Lee’s Taekwondo in Garland, Texas.
From turning into the Pan American Games champion in 2011 to the Collegiate International Champion in 2014, Jackie also received the bronze medal for Team U.S.A. on the 2015 WTF Global Taekwondo Championships in Chelyabinsk, Russia yet again proving herself as an Olympic contender.
Currently preparing for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Video games in August, Jackie explains her motive in working in the direction of securing Olympic Sponsorship for her ability to compete in Brazil:
"As a 2016 Olympic Hopeful, my dream is to represent the usa in the Olympics. The cutting-edge device for Beginner Taekwondo Athletes on this u . S . A . calls for the athlete to be either self-funded or comfortable sponsorship."
"A Taekwondo athlete’s worldwide rating is the key element to determining candidacy for the 2016 Olympics. This requires participation in as many high-stage tournaments as feasible. Elevating price range is essential to achieving my Olympic Dream."
Jackie’s bio genuinely proves her global ranking factor to be common to compete within the Rio Games, But with out the needed sponsorship, her Olympic dream may continue to be out of reach. Similarly, it's miles a economic impediment felt through many TKD athletes around The world as one practitioner from Australia voiced their problem via social media:
“Money is affecting competition at all levels of the sport, now not just G1. The largest problem we face in Australia is the Daedo (and other electronic structures like KP&P) being updated and modified Whilst we've got best simply bought the gear. within the space of one year, I for my part had to buy 3 separate sets of Daedo socks - the primary set, then the up to date "grey" set with the stepped forward sensor chips, then the "new" socks with the heel sensor. That is a daft sum of money for me, However even greater so for my students who are nonetheless young adults and most effective Blue and Red Belt degree.”
any other Taekwondo athlete stated:
“While athletes feel that they're being fleeced for their difficult earned Cash at every possibility, they lose interest in competition. Whilst this happens, we lose our pleasant athletes and emerge as with B-listing or even worse being given the funding and losing publicly. This by no means took place with trendy Hogus. The excellent athletes fought tough, won, and earned their locations on worldwide teams. Money become by no means an trouble and we have to go returned to that machine, for the good of the athletes and the best of the game.”
As those including Jackie Galloway take it upon themselves to keep their tough paintings in securing a path to their Olympics dream, possibly the WTF can work in the direction of a future where recreation Taekwondo, together with a threat for Olympic Gold, honestly is an possibility for all irrespective of one’s monetary status.